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Our one-of-a-kind underarm cream addresses all of your pit issues at the same time. The aluminum-free brightening deodorant was designed with delicate underarms in mind, and it's the ideal cure for skin discoloration and embarrassing odor.
Our KoJic Acid Brightening Deodorant is FREE of aluminum, which can irritate sensitive underarms. We use Zinc to control odor because it is a necessary mineral that blocks odors while allowing your body's natural filtration system to remove toxins.

3 fl. oz. | Made with all-natural ingredients

Skin Brightening: Helps to reduce underarm darkness and even out skin tone
Long-lasting: Our sweat-activated formula releases throughout the day for long-lasting protection.
Safe and non-toxic: No aluminum, no parabens, no toxins. Some things just don?t belong in your personal care.
No stains, no streaks, no irritation: Our soothing cream absorbs instantly and won?t irritate your skin. You?ll honestly forget it?s there.
For women, men and kids: Guys and gals, young and old. If you sweat, we've got you covered.
Before Use Please always do a patch test to ensure no allergies exist to this product.


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