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    Liv’s  Wrap In A Cap is a Unique transferable satin baseball cap liner, created for today’s active lifestyle! Inset it into your favorite cap and go! The “Wrap in Cap” liner’s One size fits most design, fits into multiple sized baseball caps. Its patent pending design allows for the liner to be modified for any cap that may have a sewn headband to seam construction. Invisible to others, you can wear the Wrap in Cap anyplace and at any time without detection! The satin insert protects hair from friction when active while wearing a baseball  cap. Liv’s  Wrap in Cap, is constructed from durable Non-woven and Satin fabrics

    • Multiple sewn eyelet holes for air ventilation
    • Rear opening for various baseball cap closure styles
    • Modifiable “Cutting  grid” for adaption to caps with sewn headband to seam construction
    • One size fits most baseball caps

    Livs, wrap in cap can protect your hair and skin while wearing your favorite baseball cap!

    • Wear it while active!
    • Wear it for leisure!
    • Wear it undetected!

     Wear it well!

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