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    Refresh and revive your hair with this mineral-rich and deep moisturizing conditioner. Rhassoul Clay and Mango Butter are the dynamic duo that will detoxify, strengthen, and boost your curls with a glorious shine. Our no mess and grit-free formula will make wash day a breeze and leave you with hair that’s soft, smooth, and smells irresistible. Restoring all the Vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy hair.

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    This Beard Growth Oil is specially formulated to stimulate hair growth.

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    Detox your beard with Koils by Nature’s Men’s Beard Detox Conditioner. Our nourishing conditioner is enriched with a detoxifying formula that helps remove impurities, rebuilds and protects your beard. Benefits of the Beard Detox Conditioner with activated charcoal
    Draws out Bacteria, Toxins, and Dirt from the beard Repairs Skin Cells & Promotes Healthy Cell Growth. Leaves beard soft and manageable
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    This Beard Oils is made with the BEST oils on earth that will seal the moisture in your beard & face! NO MORE SCRATCHY BEARDS!

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  • COVID Started Kit for Barbers, Stylists, & Beauty Salons


    PPE Gear

    Included in Box:

    1-Box Gloves (100pcs)

    12-KN95 Mask

    1-Box Mask Disposable (50pcs)

    1-Infrared Thermometer

    1-Eye Protection

    1-EN166 Face Protector

    1-Disposable Gown

    PRICE $274.00

    Shipping & Handling is additional $25.00

    Total $299.00

    Please allow 3-8 business days for delivery


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  • Naturaz Curl Defining Gel


    USE COUPON 2020 for 40% at checkout

    The Naturaz Curl Defining Gel is a natural light hold Aloe Vera based product that helps you tease out your unique curl or sleek back your edges.  It contains Black Jamaican Castor Oilwhich promotes hair growth, has antibacterial and antifungal properties and is a great moisturizer.  It also contains Argan Oil which is rich in antioxidants and vitamins A & E.  It will nourish, moisturize and condition your hair to keep it healthy while showing off your unique shiny curls.  Finger comb for curl definition, general hair styling (heat or air dried styles), Smooth and flatten edges for sleeked back styles or re-twist locked hair styles. It contains ingredients like aloe vera and Chamomile to tame your curls and help them retain moisture.


    Water, Dehydroxanthan Gum, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe) Leaf Juice, Vegetable Glycerin,  Dehydroxanthan Gum, Glycerin, Black Jamaican Castor Oil, Argan Oil, Calendula Extract, Lavender, Phenoxyethanol


    Ensure that your hair is detangled, combed and cleansed before initial application. For best results and to retain maximum softness and moisture in your hair:

    1. After cleansing and blotting out excess water from your hair, generously spray Naturaz Rehydrating Mist and Detangler.
    2. Apply Naturaz Styling Moisturizer to your hair (determine how much you need based on the dryness of your hair)
    3. Apply a generous amount of Naturaz Curl Defining Cream to your hair in sections and vigorously finger comb to define your curl.
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  • EF001B Eye Protector


    1pcs ($25 Shipping and handling fee)
    Frame: PVC
    Lens: PC/antifog
    Weight: 58g

    Lens width:144MM Lens height:56mm Lens length;121mm

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  • Breathing Machine

    Price Available on request.

    • Suitable for light and Moderate patient, do not sutible for ICU patient
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